Micah Dalton is an audible time machine of blues and soul whose authentic, Southern blues is as much a historical journey as it is a relevant movement in today's blistering folk movement.

The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter's third album, "Pawnshop" is a single, cohesive blues opera pieced together in 12 songs. With "Pawnshop," Dalton has certainly channeled something much deeper than just himself and it's a true creative achievement that should not be missed.

Dalton will perform Friday with Nathan Angelo and Tyler James at The Village Tavern, 1055 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

The Dark Romantics

There is a savory sadness to The Dark Romantics.

The Florida quintet is on a quick rise to the top, with its seductive rock 'n' roll that has drawn comparisons to the likes of

Interpol, Radiohead and The New Pornographers.

In three years, brothers-in-law Eric Collins and Dean Paul Lorenz, along with their wives Carla and Amanda Jones and drummer Fifi Salomon have released two full-length albums. They have toured with artists such as The Mooney Suzuki, Copeland and John Ralston.

The band's shadowy electro-rock tunes have also made their way onto well-known television series such as FX's "Dirt," CBS's "Moonlight" and MTV's "Next" and "Pimp My Ride."

The Dark Romantics will perform tonight with Baak Gwai at The Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Road.

For more information, visit thedarkromantics.com and myspace.com/westashleytinroof, or call 571-0775 for more information.

The Specs

Although rather dormant recently in the local music scene, one of Charleston's most talented bands, The Specs, is back and with a new EP.

The Specs' melancholic indie/pop resists the threat of boredom with complex harmonies and a rich layering of song structure that is feverishly creative and contagious.

The new tunes are large and consuming with a distinct ethereal feel that manages to steer clear of any excessive glitz or pretension.

The Specs will perform tomorrow night with Gray Egg at The Tin Roof, 1117 Magnolia Road.

Visit myspace.com/thespecs and myspace.com/westashleytinroof or call 571-0775 for more information.

The Never

Originally known as The B-Sides, The Never got its start in 2001 after the release of its hugely popular independent album "Yes, Indeed, the B-Sides, Quite!"

The Chapel Hill, N.C., band later changed its name to The Never after member changes.

They signed to MoRisen Records shortly thereafter.

The band's official debut album was released in 2004 and solidified The Never as a local success after selling 4,000 copies. But, perhaps, the band's greatest achievement is its latest effort, "Antarctica" (Trekky Records, 2006).

The album, is an expansive indie/rock opera of sorts that centers around the singular theme of environmental awareness through interconnected stories and an accompanying booklet with 40 oil paintings by founding member Noah Smith.

The Never will perform tonight with The Devil and The Lion at The Village Tavern, 1055 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

Tickets are $6 at the door or at village-tavern.com. Visit thenever.org.