Video posted on YouTube confirms that it was impossible to hear the Princeton "scramble" band's performance on Saturday at Johnson Hagood Stadium. The band was drowned out by boos and chants of "Go home, Princeton!" from Citadel cadets.

And rightly so, it turns out.

Diligent research by The Post and Courier has uncovered the script used by the band Saturday (it was on the Princeton band's Web site).

Some highlights of Princeton's "humor" follow:

"There are some things we've done during our time in Charleston that we're sure you just won't tolerate:

--We replaced you drill rifles with Nerf guns.

--We introduced your pipe band to a new kind of pipe.

--And now we're going to Double-Double Rotating P on your field!"

But wait, it gets better (we mean, worse):

"While wandering through your campus today, we couldn't help but notice a few glaring differences between our schools. For example:

--At The Citadel, a tour involves one hour of forced marching; at Princeton, it involves enjoying beverages at every eating club.

--Princeton and The Citadel are both in the United States — but only one of them by choice.

--Your targets are silhouettes; ours are places we buy our shower caddies.

--At Princeton, we study abroad to learn a foreign language and experience a new culture; at The Citadel, you study a broad because you rarely see one on campus."

Who wrote these jokes, Carrot Top?

Learning experience

Citadel president Lt. Gen. John Rosa called Saturday's clash between the Princeton University band and Citadel cadets a "learning experience" for the military school.

An on-campus incident between the band, noted for its irreverent antics, and cadets before Saturday's game against Princeton has led to allegations of abuse and headlines in New Jersey newspapers.

A story in The Daily Princetonian, Princteon's student newspaper, reported that band members said they were "physically attacked and spit upon," and that one band member had an instrument broken.

One student was quoted as saying he was tackled by "three or four cadets" and pushed up against a tree. Senior Citadel cadets helped quell the disturbance and escorted the band before and after the game. .

In a statement released Monday, Rosa described the pre-game incident as a "brief but heated exchange."

"Developing principled leaders is our top priority at The Citadel," Rosa said in his statement. "This weekend has provided our cadets with an object lesson in the responsibility that leaders bear to demonstrate exemplary behavior. On Saturday, a brief but heated exchange between cadets and the Princeton 'scramble band' on our campus prefaced a halftime performance that was drowned out by booing and spirited chants by the Corps.

"As a former cadet I can certainly appreciate the enthusiasm with which the Corps responded to the Princeton band," Rosa said. "And I am proud of the command taken by senior cadets in responding to the situation that morning and in escorting the band to its bus after the game. However, if we are dedicated to the values of The Citadel, we must hold cadets to a higher standard.

"We will use this episode as a learning experience to reinforce with cadets that they are representatives of The Citadel, and that their behavior redounds to the reputation of the college. This lesson is vitally important because, after graduation, their actions will reflect on the military or civilian endeavors with which they will be associated."

The Citadel will play at Princeton next season.