Would he get to play Bowden's schedule, too?

This is a popular misconception perpetuated by wishful thinking.

Poor old Steve Spurrier, if only he had running backs like James Davis and C.J. Spiller running behind a big-old Tigers offensive line, with a quarterback like Cullen Harper and a defense with skill and experience across the board.

Man, oh man, the Gamecocks could really do some damage if the Head Ball Coach just had the players Tommy Bowden had on the football field.

OK, sure, maybe.

But, probably not.

For one thing, there's the small issue of the schedule. Regardless of who Spurrier puts on the field, he's still got to play in the Southeastern Conference and nothing Bowden has done lately convinces me his Clemson teams could win the SEC East.

Then there are the persistent whispers about how Spurrier's offense isn't on the cutting edge like it was back in his glory days at Florida.

Remember, even when Spurrier had Gator talent, he only won one national title and arguably should have won five, or six.

So, you can play those "what-if" games all you want. But the bottom line is what you got, is what you get.

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