Jillian Lewis, a finalist on Bravo's "Project Runway," arrived in Charleston on Friday and was beset by an allergy attack, causing a bit of drama inside the runway tent at Marion Square.

"Is she OK? Does she have Benadryl?" an earnestly concerned fashion devotee wondered as an estimated crowd of 1,100 people began arriving for a Charleston Fashion Week show. The second annual event ends today.

The pollen might have been bothersome, but Lewis carried on in true "Project Runway" fashion. The 26-year-old Long Island native spoke fondly of Charleston's friendly people and its "adorable, stylish" women, then talked briefly about matters of fashion and life after reality TV.

What she wore: One of her designs that she made a long time ago. Lewis described the soft peach halter dress as a "Marilyn Monroe style in a ballerina color" that is easy to wear and always looks good. A bauble necklace in a matching color, black, micro fishnet stockings and strappy black heels completed the look.

Her advice to aspiring designers: "If you don't absolutely love designing, don't do it. It's a really tough life."

What she's been doing since the show: She designed a second fall line and is looking for retail space.

How she describes her Jillian Lewis line: Girly, friendly and somewhere between contemporary and designer, which she said makes it difficult to place in stores.

Her advice to Charleston women: "I would wear a dress every day myself because it's one-piece dressing. It's thoughtless. You basically can't go wrong."

What she'd do differently on "Project Runway": Smile more. "I would have been more friendly as a human. As far as the designing goes, I couldn't have done anything better than I did."

Who she keeps in touch with from the show: She misses all the designers, but talks most often with Rami and Sweet P.